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In this article, I will show you how to Connect, and use the  remote version of VirtualDj to your Windows Computer or Mac Computers. 

Now to start with, you first need to get the software called the VirtualDJ , after the we proceed to the setup.

You can click here to get the virtualdj and not just vurtualdj but the Pre-Activated one, the one that you can connect your DJ Controllers to and will work as (infinity).

After getting the VDJ software, run it and finish your installation, after that, then you connect your VDJ Remote Controller to it and enjoy.

This APP can be seen in the Google Play Store Or the Apple Store and  it is for cool GHs 50.00 or 6.34920 USD but for the love that i have for the DJs here, I'm ready to share it for all DJs to have access to.

If you get the APP, click on it on it and install after that you will be needing your phones "Hotspot" to connect this, no data.

Note: that this app uses mobile hotspot to work with and it doesn't mean that you should have an active bundle or data before you use it, the only thing is Mobile Hotspot and you are good to go.

1. connect your mobile hotspot to the laptop and then run the app on your phone.
2. the app will appear a popup window saying "Waiting for connection from VirtualDJ", now tap on the screen and it will show up another window by a given figure to type in the VirtualDJ soft. 
3. Go to your VDJ settings and select Remote at the left bottom of the setting, after that type in the given figures from the remote app and select "ok". you are now good to go.

If you are finding it difficult connecting the remote to your player, please leave a comment below in the comment section i will attend to you as soon as possible.

Download Application software below...

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