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In the fight against corruption, we will turn to institutions - NPP

 The nation's institutions that are required by the constitution will continue to be employed by the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) to combat corruption.

The party's general secretary, John Boadu, said during a news conference on Wednesday in Accra that Nana Akufo-administration Addo's is committed to fighting corruption and that no amount of mudslinging or exaggerated allegations of corruption will stop the progress toward good governance.

He claimed that in order to combat the systemic corruption in our nation, President Nana Akufo-Addo would always turn to the rule of law.

Mr. Boadu stated in response to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) press conference that Ghanaians had rejected the opposition's ethos and ideals.

It is unfortunate that the NDC doesn't seem to have understood this message. I suppose it is challenging to swap gears and come up with truly new thinking and action if you have been doing the same boring and harmful thing for the previous 27 years, the longest period of time any one institution has controlled in Ghana since independence," he remarked.

He claimed that although the NDC is too burdened by its own dismal past, "we can't afford to let this dismal past become Ghana's destiny."

Thus, Mr. Boadu extended an invitation to the general public, in particular thinking leaders, to evaluate the leadership philosophies of the two parties and to take the lead in the public campaign for transparent, good governance, as promoted by the President.

The NDC's campaign of deceit and nefarious political aim, he said, "truly fails the test of serious and purposeful government, but anyone must feel free to question Government activities."

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