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Is Anyone Allowed to visit the Parliament pf Ghana? (Yes)

From Monday to Friday, all year long, the Ghanaian Parliament is accessible to the public.

From the public gallery, guests are welcome to see the proceedings. When the House is in session, the gallery typically welcomes visitors from Tuesday through Friday. The majority of the time, all you have to do is show up and wait to enter the public gallery. It is not necessary for individuals to get written authorization in advance in order to view Parliamentary proceedings. Only some type of identification is needed for individual guests (Passport, Ghana card, e.t.c). They are permitted entry once they have gone through the security checks.

To request a group visit to Parliament or to go on an educational tour, submit a written request to the Director of Public Affairs or fill out the online application form. In front of the Parliament's main entrance, there is enough room for visitors' cars to park.

regulations for watching debates
Visitors are only permitted to watch the proceedings in the chamber; they are not permitted to participate in them by making loud noises, clapping, making displays, or acting in a disruptive manner.

It is prohibited to take pictures without authorization, and all luggage, binoculars, camera gear, recording gear, and other electronic devices must be checked in at the entry point. You must turn off your cell phone.

Visitors are expected to respect the Speaker's directions for the gallery and refrain from any activities that might disrupt the proceedings in the chamber. Visitors must also follow any guidance offered by security guards.

The visitor(s) may be ejected from the gallery and the incident may be reported to the police for investigation if they fail to abide by these rules.

It is expected of visitors to dress formally and with respect for the House.

When the Speaker's procession arrives or exits the chamber, everyone in the galleries must stand up.

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