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Luck Udu stoped seeing dating site videos because of this✍️πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡


The Nigerian most popular street journalist Lucky Udu has stopped watching dating site videos because of these things, read below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

I’ve been looking for a girl to work with side by side. I just need one humble, teachable, beautiful and smart person who is between the age of 18-24.

Yesterday, because of this, I joined tinder (a dating app) I was disappointed to see girls and ladies twerking and showing every sensitive part of their body without guilt, I won’t lie, I watched it tho, yeah I did, over and over again until I got bored and moved on cause those are not the kinds of people I’m interested in (although some of them might be good ladies who are just full of youthful pride and unfortunately they don't know any better).

I observed that the ugly ones had to look simple, humble and easy to approach, the ones who were insecure about their body look (size of their butt), had to squeeze their body in a certain position to take photos just to look like they have something which they don't and this might cause them problems when they meet with people in real life.

Everyone on Tinder was trying to look attractive, I observed keenly and I suspected that some of them were in relationships or had someone who is already actively asking them out but they just needed more attention or weren't satisfied with who they had, I also suspected that some are worried that they are pretty and smart and with the way things are going for them, they might not end up with a successful guy or someone who matches their energy or standard, so they needed tinder just to make sure enough people see them before they finally settle down with any reasonable person that life throws at them.

It was rare to find anyone who embraced their true identity, looked simple and had a distinguished profile. Almost everyone used a filter. Everyone I saw looked the same and with the way things are going, one would fear if there is still any lady out there that is suitable for him.

One might want to consider rebuilding past/lost relationships with their exes but unfortunately, some of them would have met friends/people who even left them worst than you left them and the only thing that would draw your hope towards them will be the lovely memory the both of you had together in the past.

You'll fight yourself mentally to come up with a decision “Go back to your exes or keep searching”? You'll discover you might have made more progress in self-development and they might still be the way you left them, or have become better than u left thm or even worst than you left them because of the new friends that came into their life after you left.

Meanwhile, why isn't there an app/platform to find Christain sisters? Kindly let me know if there is one. If there’s none, someone should create one asap! I need to carry a female along with me on this journey, we’ll make videos together, she’ll have her platform, she’ll be an actress for Lucky Udu Studio and we’ll travel everywhere and make different kinds of videos and talk about different kinds of topics that will affect people’s lives positively especially the female gender.

This opportunity is not for everyone, the person has to be smart, have good values, have leadership skills, be pretty and be teachable. If it’s convenient, you can send a video introducing yourself and why you’d like to walk with me in this journey of life, but if it’s not, that’s fine.

I know some of you are already getting tired of readingπŸ˜…I actually talk too much, although in reality, a lot of people don’t even know what my voice sounds like, because of my introvert nature, I’m always with earphones, music in my ears and hands in my pocket. Only those who are close to me get to hear me talk and they usually get tired of my talkπŸ₯±.

Some of you are worried if you’ll ever marry, some of you don’t even care, as long as you get a proposal, you’ll consider it. Some of you are worried about who will attend your marriage if you ever want to get married, with the way your life is, you don’t know many people and even if people know you, you don’t have many friends. Lol, you could help yourself out by joining associations.

Imagine if there was a group to discuss issues like this? A friend of mine created one recently on Facebook but not too many people have joined. It is called Safe Space with Jessica Ariwayo

I’m heading to PortHacourt in River state as I type this. I just finished filming in Abia state, A soldier who left the Army to become a native Doctor. I couldn’t post it today cause I finished editing it late, so it should be ready by tomorrow morning. 

Meanwhile, if you’re a music artist, you can donate to my platform and get your music featured in the videos I post on Lucky Udu Lifestyle. You can have your song featured in as many videos as you want.

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