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Mark Angel Addresses the Rumor of Emmanuella and Ned Nwoko's Marriage || ghknobs

Mark Angel Addresses the Rumor of Emmanuella and Ned Nwoko's Marriage

In this article, Mark Angel reviews the truth and he also addresses the Rumors that are going around the country about Emmanuella and Ned Nwoko's marriage.

According to mark angel in an interview of some journalists in his house on July 12th, he narrates the full story about how people are spreading fake rumors around and also how journalists are following this fake rumors just to get content for their new broadcasting and more.

In a comment on Emmanuella's facebook page, people asked her of the impending news around on how Ned Nwoko ants to marry her, but she replied that it was fake news it was a fake rumor.

According to Mark Angel, when he had the news, he wanted to call Ned Nwoko to ask him if there is something like that but he finally realised that if there is even something like that, Ned Nwoko will inform him long ago, so he was just as confused as how Ned Nwoko should plan such a thing like that without letting his know or informing him of.

Mark Angel finally warns the journalists, Bloggers, Radio / TV presenter to stop spreading  fake rumors around the globe that Ned Nwoko wants to marry Emmanuella or he is planning to marry her.
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