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My goal is to live to 150. The elderly woman explained how she lived longer. || GhKnobs

Sefi Oyeyemi, an elderly woman who was born in 1893, survived the revolution, both World Wars, reforms, and new transformations. She was recognized as the oldest person in Ghana according to our official record; on May 4, she will turn 123 years old.

Ms. Sefi Oyeyemi has not only outperformed her contemporaries, but also their offspring.

She frequently tries to get medical exams. Every year, the same thing is said by the doctors: she is completely healthy and will have no trouble going to the moon tomorrow.

 Despite having lived a long life, Ms. Oyeyemi never moved her family to the town and only occasionally left her village. They believe she is rather elderly. However, age is not a major factor.

The family of Ms. Oyeyemi's youngest child resides with her in a modest home. All by herself, she manages the home. She tends to her own garden and has cows, pigs, and chickens as livestock and poultry. She is physically capable of handling everything.

We've come to her home to request an interview in order to learn her best secret—how to live a long life free from illness. She welcomed us and provided us with baked pies, and we soon saw that she had a lot of possessions.

You have had a very long life, Ms. Oyeyemi. the lengthiest ever. Do you conceal anything?

I frequently told those who inquired ( the reporters visits her frequently). All of it is a result of the clear blood vessels. That's what Mr. Deen instructed me in. Mr. Deen was a doctor who resided in our community. Both residents of our village and residents of neighbouring villages sought him medical attention. He was summoned to the army to treat the soldiers, but he never came back. At the time, we lived close by.

We got together every evening to chat. He consistently conducted study on numerous methods and procedures for treating various ailments. At that time, my sister was still living. She experienced a few health problems. She recovered her vessels thanks to our parents' care. Since then, we have begun to pay closer attention to blood vessels. Our parents died at 87 years old. Although not as long as mine, my sister also lived a long life. At the age of 95, she passed away. I also advise my kids to look after their blood vessels.

The blood vessels are also the key to a long life; regular detoxification is required. However, no one does that, hence no one lives a long life. particularly retirees in the

Ms. Oyeyemi, would a person with poor health survive longer if they cleansed their vessels?

Of course! See. All of the organs receive nutrients from the blood as it flows through the vessels. The organs are healthier the more nutrients is absorbed. The vessel circumstances affect the people's conditions. But with time, the vessels gradually get dirty because they contain dirt and other substances that were not absorbed and cause damage to the vessels. The vessels thus become unclean much like the water tubes. As a result, the organs would experience issues since blood wouldn't reach them. If the blood circulation is inadequate, the bladder, kidneys, stomach, liver, and all of these organs would be impacted. the head too. Think about it: if I

Oh, I do recall something. I learned about that from a Kenema resident. Her husband's struggle with hypertension was severe. He even displayed some early signs of heart conditions. He wouldn't survive long, the doctor predicted; they should look for a cemetery. She also inquired about my treatment strategy; perhaps I had some tricks prepared. I also suggested that they clear up the blood vessels. I'm unaware of any other secrets. Her husband is still doing well and no longer has high blood pressure from what happened ten years ago. The vessels have been cleaned by the entire family. Along with it, I received birthday wishes. There are many such tales.

The media frequently queries me on this

The contamination of blood vessels is the reason of 93% other diseases: from intestinal diseases to poor eyesight

How can the blood vessels be cleaned? Please let our readers in on the secret.

- I used to utilize herbs to help me with it. When I was stronger, I went to the woods and fields during a specific season to gather, dry, and prepare herbs for healing. I wash the vessels twice annually. The vessels don't get dirty very quickly, therefore there is no need to wash it more frequently. But I no longer choose the herbs by myself. You must visit the forest at the appropriate time, but I must attend to other matters beforehand.

I haven't done that in fifteen years. Germany is where my grandchild resides. She forwards the receipt to me by

I can't recall. I simply remember the box being white and red. However, I threw it away. You can ask my granddaughter for the name. You'll get the number from me. You might have to spend a lot of money considering she stays in Germany.

Ms. Oyeyemi spent a considerable amount of time in the room looking for something. She then brought an old piece of paper, which is how she still keeps the list of phone numbers.

We dialed our granddaughter's number. She is a specialist, she resides in Europe, and she frequently sends grandma a product preserving blood vessels and the heart. But the key is that it was a domestically created item, not one that was made elsewhere. Neoritm is its name.

We couldn't resist asking her granddaughter about the product's usefulness, the reasons behind its effects, and how individuals of the purifying blood vessels affected by it.

Tenneh Oyeyemi answered from Germany

Blood vessel cleansing is crucial for those who want to live a long, disease-free life. Blood purification is recommended for people with cardiac conditions, especially high blood pressure. The fundamental factor in treating high blood pressure is clearing the blood arteries of cholesterol.

Additionally, numerous disorders that are unrelated to the cardiovascular system are recommended blood vessel cleansing. For instance, doctors frequently advise blood channel cleansing for conditions affecting the liver or kidneys. Usually, this therapy enhances the efficacy of the healing process.

Neoritm are made in our nation and have a global certification. They stabilize blood pressure, lower the risk of heart attack and stroke, and shield the heart and blood arteries from too much cholesterol.

Magnesium is the primary component. It makes blood vessels cleaner. and lowers the chance of clotting. The solution also has two more beneficial ingredients that lower the risk of clotting in addition to magnesium. The product additionally includes two other important components in addition to magnesium. dients.


Strengthens blood vessels, maintains proper cholesterol level


Gives you more energy, increases stamina and helps to lose weight

and many other elements

Then, where can we locate Neoritm?

The only thing I should mention is that, as far as I'm aware, the Academy of Medicine did not provide enough money this year to continue the program from the previous year's distribution of the goods. As a result, they are currently dispersing the goods from the previous year. I suggest that everyone who wishes to use this product to purify their vessels enter the competition as soon as possible.

A poll is now being conducted among Neoritm users. The producer asks those who get the product to participate in a survey to indicate whether and how the product has improved their health. There are about 5000 participants.

The outcome is:
- Blood pressure is balanced absolutely (no more high blood pressure) - 98%
- Normalized heartbeat - 97% participants
- No more headache - 99% participants
- Improve eyesight - 74% participants
- Help to treat for chronic diseases - 92% participants.
- Improve overall health - 99% participants
Attention! Neoritm exhausts quickly!
There are rapidly fewer packs still available.

The entire reduced lot includes:

19 pcs.

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