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9 mistakes you do when you k!ss


9 mistakes you do when you kiss

Everybody has had a horrible kiss. You're not likely to forget the experience, regardless of whether the person's breath smelled like red onions or they used their tongue excessively.

So how do you keep from becoming the subject of someone else's embarrassing kiss story? Here are a few things to steer clear of before your next kiss.

Don't use your tongue as a weapon.

The sensation of a squishy, wet tongue being the first thing to contact your lips will undoubtedly ruin the romance of a kiss.

At the beginning of a kiss, always lead with your lips. When you find a beat, you can add your tongue, but wait until the moment is right.

Avoid turning into a human faucet.

minimize saliva production. Reuters / Kacper Pempel:

While saliva production varies from person to person, you have some influence over how much of it gets on your kissing partner's face.

When kissing, take careful not to push too much saliva out of your mouth and watch how wide your mouth moves. You've likely gone too far if you're getting their chin wet. After making out, no one should require a towel for their face.

Avoid becoming excessive.

Be gentle with it at first.:

We all become swept up in the excitement of the moment, so if you two are planning on being violent right away, far be it from me to calm you down.

But you're probably doing it wrong if you launch into every kiss like a lion going in for the kill without thinking about what your partner wants. It's best to start slowly and intensify your kiss.

As long as you and your partner are comfortable, you can always turn up the heat afterwards.

Rekmain focused.

If you're bored, your performance is poor:

A study published in the journal of Evolutionary Psychology found that whereas many women focus on the act of kissing itself, males tend to view kissing as a halt on the way to sex. No of how you perceive a kiss, if you are preoccupied with what will happen next or what you will cook for dinner that night, you won't provide your best effort.

Don't just perform the bare minimum. Kissing can be a significant method to physically connect with someone you care about.

Make an effort to avoid smacking anyone.

That noise!:

If you've ever watched a reality show, such as "The Bachelor" or another one, you've probably heard the unmistakable sound that the contestants make as they lock lips.

Even if you aren't being mic'd up on a reality TV program, you might be creating too much suction if you can hear the famed "smacking" sound. Unavoidably, there will be some noise, but attempt to move more slowly to avoid these difficult situations.

Avoid sneaking a peek.

Be sure to close your eyes:

Do you ever sense someone looking at you even though you can't see them? If you don't close your eyes when kissing your spouse, it will feel like that to them.

Your kiss will be deeper and free from interruptions if you keep your eyes closed. Don't worry; after you're finished, the TV will still be there.

Don't just concentrate on the lips.

Change it up:

A peck is always welcome, however it's improper to merely kiss on the lips.

Women enjoy having their necks kissed, according to the book "The Science of Kissing," but you shouldn't be afraid to alter things up if you're kissing someone of a different gender. You name it: kiss their neck, ears, cheek, shoulder, etc.

Don't limit yourself because doing so demonstrates your versatility and will keep them guessing.

Avoid biting into their lips.

Before using your teeth, consider your options:

It can be hot to bite your own lip while flirting. When two people are kissing, biting their lips might go either way.

Be very careful not to bite someone's lip when you kiss them, especially in the heat of the moment, unless they first initiate it or declare they prefer it. It can be painful if someone isn't into it, but not everyone will be.

Even with their approval, if you're going to do it, be delicate and avoid biting their lips.

Bear in mind to breathe.

You have an issue if you are about to faint.

You should be able to breathe throughout the kiss, even if your partner is taking your breath away.

It's possible that the two of you are pressing your noses together or in an awkward posture if you're having problems breathing.

Just take a brief break every few moments to breathe if you've made yourself comfy but you're still having trouble breathing. When you're finished, your partner will still be there.

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