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A Driver Describes What Occurred After He Fought A Lady In His Car

 Solomon Eshun, a 32-year-old from Ejisu-Besease, relates what a woman said to her after they fought in his car. The man claimed that although his parents had given birth to six boys, only he had the opportunity to continue his education through senior high school. After graduating from high school, he learned to drive and began operating a commercial vehicle.

His mother advised him to pursue his schooling, but because his grades weren't great, he decided to stick with the driving job. He picked up a stunning woman one day in Fumesua with his car, but they got into a verbal altercation over the cost of the transportation. But the woman warned him that despite his daily labors, he would never again be able to support himself financially.

Solomon admits that he has struggled with issues all of his life. The man claimed that while making a substantial income from his driving job, he uses it mainly to find solutions to his personal difficulties. He added that just one month prior, after hitting a drunk driver with his car, he had to use his meager money to pay the man's medical expenses. He made another effort to try to recoup the funds he used to pay the hospital bills.

But just yesterday evening, a schoolgirl was struck by his automobile without warning, seriously injuring her. He hurried to the emergency room for a surgery after sending the girl to the hospital. Solomon continued by saying that because he was short on cash at the time, he applied for a loan to cover the schoolgirl's expenses. The man claims that he has sought assistance from two different fetish priests, but none of them have been able to resolve his issues. They have even warned him that if he continues to drive for a living, he risked going to jail.

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