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Big Ups to Elorm Beenie for his Good Works towards Chief One (Selorm Ameza)


Chief One & Elorm Beenie
Big ups to Chief One and His Management for their constancy in publicity and promotion, which is overseen by Elorm Beenie. It's a guide, and I hope we're all picking things up from each other.

Since ChiefOne's verse on "Noyavi" went viral at the beginning of the year, his team, which includes Elorm, has continued to engage fans, audiences, and industry players through interviews and engagements like visits to prestigious offices like Boomplay and 3Music as well as to prestigious industry figures like Reggie Rockstone and Baba Sadiq, among others.

If you don't have the third vision eye like some of us, these moves can seem small, but they have set the path for and solidified the ChiefOne brand's position as a dominant music brand in Ghana.

ChiefOne's actions have also led to invitations to prestigious events and continued airplay of his music on prestigious radio stations.

The management of Chief One (Beenie Words)

Now that I'm annoyed with the way some Volta management teams continuously delaying our actions, I've opted not to voice my criticism once again. However, I've personally squandered a lot of my time, talents, and creativity on various endeavors, and I observe similar mistakes being made by some of my favorite acts, which makes me bored.

Not everyone in your group is working for your advancement; some are solely concerned with their own advancement, and you are just another avenue for them to acquire what they require for themselves.

When asked why their management is so slow to promote the songs and brands after some acts release excellent songs and EPs, they will respond that it costs money when the act is already wealthy.

As an artist, you have a responsibility to make sure that your most recent song or EP is better than your previous songs or EP; if it isn't, you should evaluate yourself so that you don't ruin your amazing talents.

The role of an artist is to create quality music, and our guys are doing that exceptionally well. However, their management teams are not using the same level of creativity to market, publicize, and promote the artist as a whole.

Acts strive hard to write and record good music, but their efforts go unrewarded.

Increasing the number of streams is an important concept, but actual work must also be done. You must schedule frequent interviews for the artist and take part in specially designed campaigns to promote their music.

If the Act is indeed good, you must introduce the Artiste to the Gatekeepers.

Dear "some" Volta musician managers, quit using the musicians to gain notoriety and chop more chicks on their own so that they may truly assist them in achieving their goals.

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