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Ghanaians Must Pay For Data Updates on Ghana Cards, Per NIA

Ghanaians Must Pay For Data Updates on Ghana Cards, Per NIA

The National Identification Authority (NIA) has given notice that beginning on August 8, 2022, it would begin charging for all services related to changing Ghana Card information.

According to NIA, supplying such services will subsequently be subject to a GH 30 fee. According to a press release issued on August 5, 2022 and signed by Dr. Abudu Abdul-Ganiyu, Ag. Head, Corporate Affairs, the 275 NIA Operational District Offices will provide card replacement services and the 16 NIA Regional Offices will provide services for updating personal information.

Update of Personal Information (change or correction of personal data) and Card Replacement Services would be offered, per the NIA, in all of its regional and operational district offices. The Continuous Registration Services already available at the Regional and District Offices will continue to be offered in addition to the services listed above, but the Card Replacement Service currently provided at the 16 Regional Offices will end as of Monday, August 8, 2022.

The following rules must be followed, according to NIA, by anyone requesting the update of personal information service: "1. Applicants need to complete and sign an electronic Update Request Form at the Regional Office. 2. A fee of Gh30.00 will be charged for any update that modifies the information written on the front of the Ghana Card that has already been provided to an applicant.

"The following updates are on the list of those that are subject to a Gh30.00 fee:

"1. Modification of the applicant's name.

"2. Modification of the applicant's name order.

"3. Correcting or Adding the Previous Name or Maiden Name of the Applicant.

"4. Correction of the applicant's birthdate.

5. Modification or Correction of the Complainant's Citizenship

6. Gender Correction of the Applicant

7. Modification of the Applicant's Height

8. There is NO CHARGE for any additional adjustments that do not result in the issuance of a new Ghana Card for the applicant.

Here is a list of the free updates:

1. Correction or Change of Residential Address.

2. Modification or Improvement of Digital Address Code

3. Modification or Adding of a Postal Address.

4. An update to the hometown information.

5. Correction of the birthplace information.

6. The addition or modification of a phone number or email address.

7. Change in Marital Status.

8. Adding or Modifying Government IDs, such as Voter ID Cards, SSNIT Cards, and NHIS Cards.

9. Modification in Disability Status.

10. Modification or Addition of Spouse's Information.

11. Change of Next-of-Kin Information,

12. Correction of Parental Information.

13. Change in Educational Level.

14. . A change in employment.

15. Alteration or Correction of Eye and/or Hair Color.

It stated that the Gh30.00 price for all fee-paying update services had to be paid through the CalBank Online Mobile App, the CalBank Mobile Banking Platform, or both.

The Authority stated at a CalBank Branch Office that none of its Regional Offices will take cash payments for the update service.

All applicants for the update service will, in the meantime, be asked to offer a justification for the update and to substantiate their request.


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