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Married Woman Dies In Catholic Priest's Home After Incorrect Cheating


In a Catholic priest's home, a married woman passes away.

A married woman mysteriously passed away in the home of a Catholic priest. Her spouse had been duped into believing she was going to a funeral. She was going to the priest's house, nevertheless.

has discovered that the woman attends St. Maurice Catholic Church in Lusaka and is a member of the Catholic Women's League.

Father Abel Mwelwa was ultimately suspended by the Church and had to pay for the funeral costs as a result of the incident.

On the evening of Holy Thursday, Father Abel Mwelwa extended an invitation to the married woman to the parish residence. After the incident was made public, the clergyman's position as the judicial vicar of the Archdiocese of Lusaka was ultimately suspended by Archbishop Alick Banda.

Father Mwelwa no longer served as the parish priest at the parish in Kaunda Square. Additionally, the church's official communiqué stated.

"I thus inform you that the Rev. Ringford Abel Mwelwa has been permanently removed from the priesthood with immediate effect. He is no longer the parish priest for Kaunda Square Parish as a result of this suspension. Second, the priest no longer serves as the Archbishop of Lusaka's Judicial Vicar. Read a portion of the memo.

However, according to an unsubstantiated source, the priest allegedly administered an injection to the deceased. In an effort to end her pregnancy, this was done.

However, the relatives of the sick person ordered the minister to cover the cost of the funeral. According to a person familiar with the incident. The woman's relatives requested that the police look into the actual reason behind her passing.

Church leaders having affairs with female members of the congregation are now a typical occurrence. Catholicism is not an exception. Many people have accused various Catholic priests of pedophilia all throughout the world.

Father Roger Sinclair, for example, was accused of assaulting a young boy decades ago and was subsequently fired by the Diocese of Greensburg in Pennsylvania in 2002.


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