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Meanings, Magic and the Secrets behind Ladies Waist Bead


The history of waist beads

Waist beads are known to have been worn as early as the 15th century to serve many celebratory purposes including rites to passage. The waist bead is known to be originally used in Africa. That’s why so many people refer to it as the African waist beads.

Many believe the history of the African waist beads began in ancient Egypt. However, it was made popular in west Africa by the Ghanaians and the Yorubas in Nigeria. Back then, it served many purposes such as womanhood; sexuality; feminity; fertility; healing; spirituality; body shaping; protection; wealth etc.

The Yorubas are known to have once laced these beads with charms and fragrance that would make them irresistible to the opposite sex. This is one candid reason why some guys still don’t fancy girls with waist beads.

However, these practices are now less popular. Though wearing waist beads to enchant guys is still the primary reason some ladies wear it, there are better reasons why others do wear it. Let’s take a look at the reasons why ladies wear waist bead

The 8 reasons why women wear waist beads

1. Waist management

This is one of the good reasons why some ladies wear waist beads. It helps to check the gain or loss in weight of the waist. This help to always keep the waist in shape. These days, these practices are common among the Urhobo clan in Nigeria and other tribes nearby. They wear it on their daughters so they can access the gain or loss in weight in the waist of their daughters right from when they are an infant.

2. Posture

This reason helps ladies to always maintain good posture. There is this feeling of the waist bead tightening when they slouch. It cut across any bad positioning of the body.

3. Seduction

There is a feeling that men get when they see a lady with waist beads on. Most men get sexually aroused when they see a lady with waist beads on. This is one of the reasons ladies put on waist beads especially when they want to go intimate with their man.

4. Cultural heritage

While some put it on for reasons best known to them, others put it on because their culture demands them to. There are certain cultures where their women were raised putting on waist beads. They grew up that way and passed it on to the next generation. Such communities are present in Nigeria, Sudan and Ghana.

5. Spiritual healing and meditation

Some women who are deeply rooted in spiritual things also wear these beads for good luck. Others believe it does bring them peace, good night rest etc. They also wear them during meditation. They claim it helps bring protection to their heart, mind, body and soul. Hence, they use it against bad omen.

6. Maturity and stage in life

Some women wear it to signify their present stage as a woman. Some culture distinguishes these beads. While some are for children, others signify that the woman is ripe and ready for marriage. This is presently less popular. Only those wearing beads for traditional reasons still practice this.

7. Witchcraft and charm

Like I mentioned earlier, it was commonly used to enchant men back in the days. This is also practised these days but less popular. These women do use these waist beads to tie their men down among other things.

8. Peer pressure

Some ladies don’t fancy the whole wearing of waist beads. However, due to peer pressure and peer group influence, they find themselves wearing it. Just to feel among.

Waist bead feminine magic – The meaning of various waist bead colours

1. Black – power and protection

2. Blue – loyalty and truth

3. Brown – Earth and stability

4. Gold – good health, power and wealth

5. Green – abundance, fertility and nature

6. Orange – Courage, self-confidence and vitality

7. Pink – care, beauty, love and kindness

8. Purple – royalty, spirituality and wisdom

9. Red – confidence and vitality

10. Turquoise – communication and self-awareness

11. White – light, truth and purity

12. Yellow – energy, joy and happiness


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