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One is killed in a robbery at the Wassa Akropong Goil Filling Station, and MCE promises to find those responsible. [Read More]


One is killed in a robbery at the Wassa Akropong Goil Filling Station, and MCE promises to find those responsible

Frederick Korankye, the municipal chief executive for Amenfi East in the Western Region, has pledged to see to it that his office combats crime and makes it undesirable in the region.

His promise comes in response to an armed robbery that occurred at the Wassa Akropong Filling Station in the early hours of Monday, August 15, leaving a security officer dead and two others injured.

The MCE said during an interview with Connect FM's Omanbapa morning host Nhyiraba Paa Kwesi Simpson that the armed robbers who carried out the raid were inexperienced.

"These are neighborhood armed robbers, based on the CCTV evidence I've seen. When they got to the station, they attacked the armed security guard. They snatched his rifle, but it was useless to them. They didn't even know how to unlock the gun. The security guard had to be beaten until he passed out.

 In order to quickly apprehend them, we have secured the CCTV footage and are working around it, he said.

Prosper Dotse, commonly known as Old Soldier, was the security guard on duty when the Goil Filling Station at Wassa Akropong was invaded.

The MCE claims that the armed thieves severely thrashed the on-duty employees while they were armed with pinch-bars and hammers.

"They went to the supermarket and attacked the employee, but a second armed security guard arrived and began firing warning bullets at them. They fled from the station out of fear. 

kk While the others are being treated at the hospital, we have since invited the deceased's relatives, he continued.

He claims that 300 anti-terrorism police officers have been stationed in the region to combat criminality.

"Armed robbers are moving to our areas because the cities are no longer enticing to them. However, we are attempting to lower the crime rate, so roughly 300 counterterrorism police officers are being assigned to the area to bolster up security."

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