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Pastor and accomplice are given the death penalty by hanging for ritual murder of a 7-year-old.

Pastor and accomplice are given the death penalty by hanging for ritual murder of a 7-year-old.

 A preacher and his accomplice, who admitted to killing a young boy for ritualistic reasons, were given the death penalty by hanging.

Pulse.ng reports that on August 9, 2022, an Ikeja Special Offenses Court will execute Pastor Erinmole Adetokunbo and Adedoyin Oyekanmi.

They had previously pled not guilty to murder and murder conspiracy, but on Monday they altered their plea to guilty, and as a result, they received the appropriate sentence.

According to the Lagos State government, who brought charges against the defendants, the crimes were perpetrated on June 7, 2017, at No. 6 Oke Oniburokun St., Odokekere, Ikorodu.

According to testimony given in court, the defendants severed the child's head, buried it on a "church" altar, and dumped the body into a canal.

In his decision, Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo expressed sorrow at the way the criminals planned to kill the little child, damaging his promising future and causing his family to suffer a terrible loss.

The accused have committed a horrifying act and are not deserving of mercy.

"They killed a seven-year-old youngster horribly and deliberately. This prevented him and his family from having a successful future.

"Premeditated murder is punishable by the death penalty under Section 222 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, and I have no reluctance in applying that punishment.

"I therefore execute death sentences for Kazeem Rafiu's killers, Adedoyin Oyekanmi and Erinwole Adetokunbo.

The judge pronounced, "May God have pity on your souls," according to pulse.ng.

According to reports, the defendants were charged on October 30, 2017, but the trial didn't begin until 2021, when the prosecution's team called a number of witnesses to help establish the defendants' guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.


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