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These are some reasons of eating Eggshells [Expects Research]


If we do it right, this rapidly developing field of study will result in significant advancements in human health.

According to Dr. Maxwell Hincke, a professor in the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Ottawa, this initiative is repurposing eggshells for use in bone regeneration.

Dr. Maxwell Hinke

Dr. Hincke states that the human body would be the ultimate application.

It is one of the distinctive ways that egg-based research is assisting Canadians in leading better lives. Bone is the second most transplanted tissue worldwide, behind blood. 1 The operation known as an autograft, in which healthy bone is grafted onto the injured area, is the most popular method of correcting bone deformities. Dr. Hincke's team of researchers thinks eggshells may be able to help the body spontaneously repair bone tissue.

The suitability of two different types of eggshell particles as a bone regeneration material was examined in Dr. Hincke's study. The first were simple eggshell fragments. The second was a nanotextured substance made by phosphoric acid treatment of eggshell particles. Human mesenchymal stem cells were injected into these two sets of particles, which were subsequently suspended in porous 3D scaffolds and cultivated for 21 days. In comparison to a third, empty control scaffold, both tests produced stronger scaffolds with increased resilience to deterioration, indicating that they were both better suited for bone regeneration.

This innovative breakthrough opens the door to more investigation in the pursuit of a superior and efficient method of eggshell-based human bone regeneration. It's just one instance of the academic research that Egg Farmers of Canada supports at universities around the country, and it's just one way that the simple egg is improving our quality of life as a whole.

According to Dr. Hincke, "Egg Farmers of Canada have been fantastic partners to work with." Their research program has provided funds for this study and support for our graduate students; their willingness to support our initiative was the main impetus for it to get off the ground. 

Egg Farmers of Canada promotes research that focuses on a variety of important issues, encourages innovation, and develops the next generation of academics and business leaders. By clicking here, you may find out more about our research program, including how researchers can apply for funding.


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