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When touching a woman, most guys overlook these 10 sweet spots.


When touching a woman, most guys overlook these 10 sweet spots.

Future males make mistakes regarding the type of women they want, particularly once the friendly zone is reached when things need to go more serious.

Here are 10 areas that men tend to avoid touching women yet should:

1. Her hand

She deserves a quick handshake. Unless you get indications that she is enjoying it, this shouldn't last longer than two seconds.

One overlooked area while touching a woman is the handshake.

2. Hug

Put your hand on her back as if you were going to hug her. Massage her if she shows any symptoms of relaxation.

3. Thigh

You engage in inadvertent touches if you want to find out if she is likewise depressed or if you have other goals. You can turn your head away, accidentally touch her thighs, and apologize for doing so.

4. Waist

Try that; it's the most informal thing I can think of.

5. Legs

Because their legs have nerve endings, women enjoy having their legs stroked.

6. Hand

7. Head

8. Toes

9. Foot

(If you'll note, any bodily part that exhibits a cessation of blood flow yearns to be touched. Just name it: Head, Hand, Foot, Hair.)

10. Ears

When you two start to feel more at ease with one another, tease her ears.

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