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Who is Hajia Bintu?, her carrer, Biography & More

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 And that's it! Top musician Shatta Wale released a song called Hajia Bintu in the year 2020, and it immediately became popular. According to reports, there is a young, stunning woman by the name of Hajia Bintu who is considered to be "heavily endowed at the back."

Haija Binju became a social media star, gaining a lot of popularity and fans thanks to the song and her persona.

Hajia Bintu Biography

Her real name is Naomi Asiamah, and she was born on November 30th (the year of which is currently unknown to the general public), most likely between 1995 and 2000. We understand that she attended Koforidua Technical University, where she graduated with a degree in hospitality.

Hajia Bintu Carrer

She is an entrepreneur, brand ambassador, make-up artist, and social media influencer who is branching out into new business sectors like deliveries. She started off with twerking videos because of how endowed she is. However, the most of her recent videos are either recognizable as her work or span multiple ideas.

On all the major social media sites, Hajia Bintu has a sizable fan base. She has well over a million followers on Tiktok, 832k on Instagram, and 320k on Facebook.

Hajia Bintu's Social Media Handles:

IG- @Bintu_hajia

Tiktok- @bintu_hajia

Twitter- @bintuhajia 1

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