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The ABLAFO cultural Regalia Yam Festival by Asogli State in HO (SELORM AMEZA)


The beautiful #ABLAFO or #ASAFOWO cultural Regalia as a trend at this years Asogli Yam Festival by the Asogli State in Ho.

One of the very unique and beautiful cultural trends that caught my eyes among the pictures of the recently celebrated @Asogli Yam Festival is the display of the “Ancient Ewe Warriors regalia”.

The ABLAFO or BLAFO as it is called by the Anlo or ASAFO as it is called by the Akans and the Wedome People is the name given to the “Traditional Royal Warriors”. 

They are like the Soldiers of the Kingdom and wear a specific spiritually fortified shirt which is usually dark brown as seen in the pictures below.

Now this years Asogli Festival saw the urbanization of this Regalia into a Cultural statement of a kind and it’s beautiful to see Citizens and even foreigners represent in such Regalia.

I don’t know if it’s a conscious or unconscious effort and I can’t also tell what it represents for the Asogli state, but then I’d sure love to research into why this Cultural phenomenon and hopefully help promote it as a popular African-Ewe Cultural symbol.

I believe there should be a conscious effort to promote this dress code as a signature regalia for the Festival next year. This could encourage local Fashion designers to turn the production of this Regalia into a viable booming business every year.

Would be glad to know any Historian in Ho who can give me some answers to the role of ABLAFO in the Asogli History and why this trend is evolving into a Fashion Statement. 

Until then I stand proud of this development to turn the “Traditional Warriors Regalia” into an “Afrocentric Fashion trend”.

The main Durbar is Saturday September 10th and it would be massive in Ho.



Watch some pictures below....

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