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The accused "Aisha Huang'" collapses in court [watch video]

 En Huang, also known as Aisha Huang, was accused with illegal mining but was denied bail today (Sept. 14) by an Accra Circuit Court presided over by Bright Acquah.

En Huang had already pleaded not guilty to the accusations of unlawfully mining and selling minerals.

Drama was present in today's (Sept. 14) sessions as Jong Li Hua, one of the defendants indicted with En Huang, passed out during the hearing.

After En "Aisha" Huang allegedly "sneaked" back into the country to resume her illegal mining operations, a National Security probe led to her arrest.

Aisha and three other defendants are being arraigned in an Accra Circuit Court on criminal charges, The other accused are Chinese nationals Jong Li Hua, Huang Jei, and Huiad Hiahu. The three have also pleaded not guilty to selling mining equipment without a license.

the request for bail

Nkrabeah Effah Dartey, the accused's attorney, classified the allegations in his bail application as trivial and questioned why the police had not been able to wrap up their in-depth investigations after 14 days of holding Aisha. He believed that "a tiny case" had received too much attention from the media. He added that his clients had reliable people stand as sureties for them.

opposing bail

The bail application was turned down by Chief Inspector Frederick Sarpong on the grounds that the accused would hamper investigations if released on bail. "As Aisha stands here, she cannot tell the court how she entered the country," the prosecution claimed. He emphasized that the defendants had not only been hauled before the court on the basis of their ethnicity or nationality, but also on criminal counts. He asked for the suspects to be taken into police custody and reassured the judge that their lawyers would have access to them at any time.


The accused "may not appear for trial and may tamper with evidence and obstruct trial," the judge wrote in his ruling. The court then released the accused back into police custody.

The suspects must return to court on September 27, 2022.


Detective Chief Inspector Frederick Sarpong, the prosecutor, informed the court that Aisha had previously evaded prosecution when she was apprehended in Accra, Ghana. He asserted that Aisha returned to Ghana to carry out the same act for which she had previously evaded prosecution after returning to China and assuming a new name.

From Togo

The accused entered Ghana via Togo, according to Inspector Sarpong, obtained a Togolese visa, and then went back to the galamsey operation at a town in the Ashanti Region. The prosecutor alleges that she traveled with three other individuals who offered to sell mining equipment and engage in illegal gold trading in Accra. As a result of National Security intelligence, they were apprehended.

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