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Finally found a picture of when Queen Elizabeth II came to visit the sand city #Keta in 1961 as part of her tour around Ghana.

There’s a lot of pictures all over on her visit to meet with Traditional Leaders in Accra, Kumasi and Tamele, but then none on the Internet of her visit to Keta until I found this now.

Not even a single narrative to tell the story of her visit to Keta. Just unconfirmed remorse until I finally found this picture which is proof indeed.

The Queen on her visit to Ghana in 1961 did visit various Tribal Chiefs around the country and She did visit Keta as well where She met with the Local Chiefs and people.

For that reason the Park where She met up with Chiefs like “Torgbui Nyaho Tamekloe III” in the Keta township was named “LONDON PARK”. 

The Park is just adjacent to the Fort Prinzenstein and also under the management of the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board.

I know the Queen was at the helm of affairs when our Ancestors were enslaved but then She is also a Historical figure!!!

So I am just here to tell a story and remind us of history and how we barely have pictures of her visit to Keta as much as we have pictures of her visit to other areas!!!





#Forever Blissful Memories

#Selorm Ameza

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