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Why the People of Ho Celebrate 2 Yam Festivals and Have a scuffle over Ho-Paramountcy (Selorm Ameza)


(Why the People of Ho Celebrate 2 Yam Festivals and Have a scuffle over Ho-Paramountcy)

I just found out this interesting historical “debates” that seem to suggest that there’s been a well documented Chieftaincy dispute over the Paramountcy of Ho, dating as far back as 1914 or even before.

The story behind this scuffle is historically worth telling.

The accounts I’ve been privy to states clearly that the ASOGLI STATE PARAMOUNTCY indeed belongs to the People from BANKOE led by “TOGBE AFEDE”. And they’ve been the Royals of Ho from time immemorial and this has been consistent in all the historical accounts both orally and literally.

But then the intriguing story is that the Chief of Ho-DOME at a point also ruled as the Paramount Chiefs of Ho from somewhere around 1919 after the Europeans interfered in our Traditional Chieftaincy issues. 

And their Chieftaincy reign only ended after their Chief Torgbui Howis was forced into exile during the reign of Kwame Nkrumah.


It is also worth noting the the Ho-DOME people have always been regarded as the Warriors of the Asogli State and have led and won numerous Wars for the State. Their Chief is therefore the WARLORD (AWAFIAGA) of the Asogli State.

The Paramountcy of Ho is currently being held by the Agbogbomefia, #Togbe_Afede of ASOGLI state who hails from “Ho-BANKOE” and they celebrate the ASOGLI YAM FESTIVAL.

But then the People of Ho-Dome also lay claim that they also have a legitimate claim to the Paramountcy of Ho and that they were illegally deposed from the throne. So a faction of them also celebrate their Yam festival separately which they call the “ORIGINAL HO-DOME YAM FESTIVAL”. 

I have two stories as to how come 2 Royalties scuffle over the Paramountcy of Ho. Let me share them with you.


It is said that once upon a time in Ancient times, a powerful Akan King threatened to attack the People of Ho. And so he sent the symbolic gift of “Salt and Gunpowder” for them to choose if either they wanted Peace(Salt) of War(Gunpowder).

The story claims that the Chief of BANKOE after careful consideration chose the Salt, which signifies that they don’t intend to go to war and are willing to negotiate a peaceful settlement with the attackers.

But then the Chief of DOME chose Gunpowder instead and went ahead to battle the attackers and defended the entire Ho State. They were able to drive the enemy away and win the War.

The account is that after the war, the Chief of Ho who was from Bankoe gave the Chief of Dome the chance to rule as King after him. An account similar to what Torgbui Sri I did for Torgbui Adeladzi I.

They said it was until Kwame Nkrumah became President and the Dome King was forced into exile and the Asogli took back the throne in 1958.


The preview of a paper I’ve seen online by an European Historian teaching in America, “Benjamin N. Lawrance” has a different story to tell and I quote;

“Tradition holds that when British led forces entered Ho, in German Togoland in 1914, Constantine Komla, a young chief in Ho-Dome, fluent in English, made himself available as interpreter. Several years later he built upon the confidence thereby established to lay claims to Ho’s Senior Chieftaincy”. 

Click on the link below to read his account. 


The research by Benjamin N. Lawrence suggested that it was Political interference by the British which led to the change in Paramountcy from the Bankoe Royalty to the Dome Royalty. And the paper further spoke of how the British tried to amalgamate our various sub-tribes under their preferred Chiefs in order to be able to rule over us.


It is also worth noting that the issue of the Chieftaincy dispute was almost solved in 1989 when Togbe Adzie Lakle Howusu XII, who is the Dufia of Dome, decided to end the dispute and accept the position of the Dome people as Warlords of the Asogli state.

But then this effort met fierce resistance by some faction who still suggest that the Ho-Dome should still sought after the Paramountcy.

And recently in 2019, 7 factions in Ho-Done also decided to join the Asogli State and accept the Agbogbomefia Togbe Afede as the Paramount Chief of Ho and the entire Asogli State.

But then we still have some factions who are the “stubborn academy” people and are refusing to join forces for a United Asogli State.


It is also worth noting that I’ve seen a 13 paged document online dated “19th November 1949”, where TOGBE HOWUSU XI of Ho-DOME who was then the Paramount Chief of Asogli State, wrote a petition to the Secretary General of the “United Nations Trusteeship Council” against the people he termed “Imperialist Ewes” who were trying to divide Eweland and professed his support for the UNIFICATION OF EWELAND. This was against the plans of Nkrumah who was eager to annex Togoland to Ghana and it was the reason why he had to escape to exile when Nkrumah came to power.

Click the link below to read the 1949 petition here;






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