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Ch’cco – Pele Pele ft. Focalistic, Mellow & Sleazy || GHKNOBS

Ch’cco – Pele Pele ft. Focalistic, Mellow & Sleazy || GHKNOBS

 Ch'cco, who hails from South Africa, has released "Pele Pele," a brand-new song with Amapiano influences.

It appears that Ch'cco receives help from fellow South African musicians Focalistic and the duet Mellow & Sleazy in order to produce a hit song.

"Pele Pele," sung in Sesotho, is a tune that will keep you dancing all weekend long. Focalistic provided a verse that was catchy.

His earlier song with Mellow & Sleazy, "Nkao Tempela," is followed by the tune "Pele Pele," which was produced by them.

Ch'cco has persisted in displaying an unwavering passion for creating music that defines genres ahead of the release of his upcoming debut album, which will propel him to greater things.

Quoted Lyrics Below:

And o fisa nkare pele pele

Superstar ya rekere

Ba utlwile ba tlohele

O nkabi ya o bolaya ka rekere

Fiša okare pele pele

Fiša okare

Superstar ya sekele

A o ka se mo kene

O itsi le barcode ya Veuve

Chipi ya o fiša okare pele pele

Ngwana wa fi-fi-fi-fi-fi-fi-fiša okare


A re o nyaka ba o tlatsa tafola (Tafola)

Le bo aha Oga (Tafola)

O itsi hore chipi e nyaka chipi

Ngwana o nyaka Geep

Fiša okare pele pele

(Yeh wena) Superstar ya sekele

Ke fetsa o secure le pleke


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