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Remy Baggins – In My Bed ||GHKNOBS

Remy Baggins – In My Bed ||GHKNOBS

 Sensational The new thriller song "In My Bed" by Nigerian singer, songwriter, and record producer Remy Baggins is now streaming on Southseid Music and Sony Music Entertainment West Africa platforms.

Remy is endowed with a variety of skills, fusing his songwriting, singing, and music production prowess to produce a flaming artisanship.

His most anticipated effort to date is "In My Bed," which comes after four excellent project launches and countless collaborations.

The music famine is over for his legions of fans because they won't go without any longer, but for Remy, it's the start of a harrowing journey to release his album.

The song "In My Bed" by Neo-Afrobeats blends Hispanic snares with an ultra-modern melodic sound that has a lot of potential for diaspora appeal.

Baggins uses a variety of melodic deposits to express his interest with extramarital sex and his explicit fantasies for her. These melodic deposits are milked by the excellent production of Grammy nominee TMXO.

At the end, if you enjoy good music, you should add this original composition to your playlist.

Take a listen and comment below.


Girl I have only you in my head

All I need is your body in my bed

Ooh ye ye yeah

Ooh ye ye yeah

All I need is your body in my bed

You be the one, you be the highest aha, mhm

Mhmm mhm

Girl your body is a madness aha



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