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Stonebwoy - In Control featuring Jaz Karis || GHKNOBS

Stonebwoy - In Control featuring Jaz Karis || GHKNOBS

 On Stonebwoy's fifth studio album, "5th Dimension," they collaborated on the captivating song "In Control" with the gifted singer-songwriter Jaz Karis. Themes of self-assurance, inner strength, and taking control of one's fate are explored in this uplifting song.

Jaz Karis' deep voice and Stonebwoy's strong vocals unite on "In Control" to create a seamless blend that radiates assurance and resiliency. The song's lyrics encourage listeners to embrace their strength, surmount challenges, and make their voices heard in the face of difficulty. It exhorts people to put their confidence in themselves and take charge of their own life.

The energetic instrumentals and contagious rhythms of the song provide an uplifting background against which the performers' voices stand out. The catchy melodies and upbeat beats captivate listeners and prepare them for the message of empowerment and self-determination.

"In Control" is a noteworthy track on the "5th Dimension" album and demonstrates Stonebwoy and Jaz Karis' ability to spread hope and inspiration through their work together. The song serves as a reminder that people possess the power to control their own lives and overcome obstacles. The song "In Control" exhorts listeners to be unapologetically themselves, discover their voices, and take responsibility of their lives.

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