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Stonebwoy - Therapy featuring Oxlade & Tiwa Savage || GHKNOBS


Stonebwoy - Therapy featuring Oxlade & Tiwa Savage || GHKNOBS

"5th Dimension," Stonebwoy's fifth studio album, combines the extraordinary abilities of Oxlade and Tiwa. With its passionate words and alluring melodies, this stirring song acts as a musical balm, providing comfort and healing.

In "Therapy," Stonebwoy, Oxlade, and Tiwa investigate the healing potential of music on the emotional and spiritual levels. The song explores the struggles and hardships of life while emphasizing the therapeutic benefits of music in offering solace and release. The performers inspire listeners to find consolation in the cathartic embrace of their voices through their deep harmonies and beautiful blending.

Love, resiliency, and self-discovery are some of the themes that "Therapy"'s moving lyrics touch on. The smooth vocal chemistry of Stonebwoy, Oxlade, and Tiwa inspires the listener to feel empathy and understanding. The song's melodic instrumentation and each artist's sincere performance combine to create a calm setting that envelops the listener in a moment of catharsis.

"Therapy" is a highlight single on the "5th Dimension" album, showcasing the talents of Stonebwoy, Oxlade, and Tiwa as a group. It is a reminder that music may be a therapeutic outlet, bringing comfort and healing during difficult times. These musicians have created a stunning work that truly connects with listeners and provides a much-needed pick-me-up for the soul through their joint efforts.

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