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G2 Forever – Nyedzi ft. Rockid Rock || GHKNOBS

G2 Forever – Nyedzi ft. Rockid Rock || GHKNOBS


"Nyedzi" (which translates to "my heart" in Ewe) is an emotional song by Ghanaian artists G2 Forever and Rockid Rocky. The intricate intricacies of a love tale gone bad are thoroughly explored in this joint project.

Two outstanding Ghanaian musicians, G2 Forever and Rockid Rocky, have the same ambition: to break onto the world music scene with their distinctive musical styles and genuine storytelling. They give the drill music genre their own unique flavors by combining it with their own life experiences and cultural inspirations.

The song is about heartbreak, as the title would imply, delving into the many complexities of a broken love. The authors skillfully craft a narrative that addresses the loss, disappointment, and personal development that frequently follow such tragedies.

"Nyedzi" gives drill music, renowned for its brutal lyrics and driving beats, a fresh voice. The song's music, which has intense basslines and upbeat rhythms, provides the backdrop for the performers' fervent sentiments.

The song can be heard and downloaded below.

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