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Malobi RC and Jah Phinga, two Afrobeat musicians, work together on "Nogokpo," a song that addresses a contentious remark.


Malobi RC and Jah Phinga, two Afrobeat musicians, work together on "Nogokpo," a song that addresses a contentious remark.

Afrobeat musicians Malobi RC and Jah Phinga have teamed up to record a strong new song titled "Nogokpo" in a daring attempt to address the recent controversy surrounding the town of Nogokpo in the Volta Region. The collaboration, created by the record company Avenue Hub Media, intends to present their viewpoint on the controversial claim made by a religious leader that Nogokpo, in the Volta Region, is a "demonic headquarters."

The publication of "Nogokpo" is slated for tomorrow, providing listeners with a peek into the artists' thoughts and sentiments regarding the topic as anticipation grows within the community. Malobi RC and Jah Phinga hope to use the song as a forum to discuss their positions on the subject and add to the ongoing conversation.

Malobi RC, a well-known afro-pop, R&B, and rap performer from Ghana, is known for his distinctive musical taste and socially concerned songs. He was given the name Fabrick Edoh Gada Tulasi when he was born on November 16, 1982, at Accra's 37 Military Hospital. He has made a name for himself in the music business. He received the Golden Ghana Award for the year's best Afro-pop artist in 2021.

Jah Phinga, a well-known musician in his own right, has gained popularity for his unusual style and skill with words. Malobi RC and Jah Phinga's collaboration on the song "Nogokpo" is eagerly awaited as each musician brings their distinctive perspectives to the fore.

Nogokpo became the center of controversy after a well-known religious leader openly referred to it as a "demonic headquarters." The cultural value and actual spirit of Nogokpo, a town steeped in tradition and history within the Volta Region, have come under question as a result of this remark.

Malobi RC and Jah Phinga will have the chance to add to the dialogue and influence the Nogokpo story with their next song. The release of "Nogokpo" is eagerly anticipated by fans and members of the neighborhood who are interested in learning the artists' opinions and how they will respond to the divisive statement musically.

As Malobi RC and Jah Phinga use their musical abilities to bring awareness to the issue and promote a deeper understanding of Nogokpo's cultural significance, stay tuned for the release of "Nogokpo" and additional updates on the musicians' message.

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