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Malobi RC ft Jah Phinga_Nogokpo || GHKNOBS

Malobi RC ft Jah Phinga_Nogokpo || GHKNOBS

 Malobi RC and Jah Phinga, two afrobeat musicians, have collaborated on the powerful new song "Nogokpo" in an audacious effort to confront the current conflict surrounding the town of Nogokpo in the Volta Region. The group's work with record label Avenue Hub Media aims to share their perspective on the contentious assertion made by a religious figure that Nogokpo, in the Volta Region, is a "demonic headquarters."

The release of "Nogokpo" is scheduled for tomorrow, giving listeners an opportunity to learn more about the artists' perspectives on the subject as interest in the album grows. Malobi RC and Jah Phinga intend to utilize the song as a platform to talk about their perspectives on the issue and contribute to the ongoing dialogue.

This song should be included in your playlist if you enjoy good music.

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