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The success of Keeny Ice's hit song "Frazz" on the iTunes chart solidifies his status as Ghana's hottest musician.


The success of Keeny Ice's hit song "Frazz" on the iTunes chart solidifies his status as Ghana's hottest musician.

1. Keeny Ice Rocks the Music Scene as "Frazz" Dominates the Ghanaian iTunes Chart

2. With 'Frazz' rocketing to the top of the iTunes Chart, Ghanaian musician Keeny Ice breaks a record.

3. Keeny Ice's 'Frazz' Soars to Unprecedented Heights, Reiterating His Position as Ghana's Hottest Musical Icon 

Ghana's Accra - With the release of his most recent song, "Frazz," featuring Chief One, a contender for the coveted Ghana Music Awards' "New Artiste of the Year," Ghanaian rapper Keeny Ice is currently igniting the country's music landscape. The Two Bars-produced song, which was only released a month ago, is already a sensation, ruling the airwaves and streaming charts. Notably, 'Frazz' has reached the coveted top spot on Apple Music's iTunes list.

With 'Frazz' reaching an astonishing 2 million views on TikTok in just a few days, Keeny Ice's stratospheric climb is continuing. Additionally, the song's music video shot up to #23 on YouTube's global trends, enhancing Keeny Ice's standing in the music business. The Ghanaian musician credits 'Frazz's' recent success to divine intervention and the constant support of both his followers and music lovers.

Keeny Ice, who is renowned for his extraordinary songwriting skills and alluring stage persona, never fails to enthrall audiences with his extraordinary gift. His natural ability to speak clearly during live performances and media appearances has won him recognition from a variety of sources.
With "Frazz" topping the iTunes charts and becoming extremely famous on TikTok and YouTube, Keeny Ice is now unquestionably the hottest artist in Ghana. 

The talented musician is committed to creating outstanding music that connects with listeners all over the world as he forges ahead with his artistic career.

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Regarding Keeny Ice

Keeny Ice is a musician from Ghana known for his extraordinary songwriting abilities and enthralling live performances. Widespread recognition has been bestowed upon him for his exceptional ability to captivate crowds, and his most recent song, "Frazz," featuring Chief One, has rocketed to the top of the iTunes charts. 

Keeny Ice has firmly established himself as one of Ghana's top musical performers thanks to his unquestionable talent and devoted fan base.

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