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I Want To Be Like Bandana by Shatta Wale || GHKNOBS


I Want To Be Like Bandana by Shatta Wale || GHKNOBS

The poignant message Shatta Wale conveys in his most recent dancehall song, "I Want to Be Like Bandana," connects with both his audience and the music business as a whole. This song, which he recorded in his home studio, displays his unapologetically expressive style.

When speaking about the previous clash events held in the Accra sports stadium, especially his ongoing feud with Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale doesn't hold back. He claims Stonebwoy has a bad attitude and implies that their disagreements are a result of Stonebwoy's earlier declaration, in which he professed a wish to be like Shatta Wale. Shatta Wale feels betrayed and thinks Stonebwoy is now attempting to bring him down as a result.

The complexity of the music business, where egos collide and rivalries heat up, is highlighted in this song. In addition to showcasing Shatta Wale's lyrical skills, "I Want to Be Like Bandana" shines light on the turmoil and tension that frequently exist behind the scenes in the dancehall music industry.

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